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Misc. Stuff

  1. Isaac Vanmeter to the Hon Ed Randolph, November 28, 1786 - Letter protesting the fact Tories paying less rents and taxes.

  2. John Tyler to the Governor, May 3, 1792 - Letter recommending mercy to Isaac Van Metre condemned to death for horse stealing.

  3. Thomas Jefferson to Garret Van Meter, April 27, 1781 - Letter on the raising of a militia.

  4. "The Woman Who Would Not Tell" by Janice Keyser Lester; published in "Readers Digest", December 1968.  The story of Bettie Van Metre, wife of James Larue Evans Van Metre, who nursed an enemy soldier back to health during the Civil War.

  5. Iowa Pioneer Certificate - This is a certificate issued by the Iowa Genealogical Society to those individuals that can prove they are a direct descendant of a person who lived in Iowa 1856 or earlier.  My Certificate 

  6. Attack On Squire Boone's Station - account of attack by Indians around 1881 as told by Letitia Van Meter to her grandson, Thompson Van Meter Ashby.

  7. Jacob Vanmeter to Captain David Vanmeter - dated 1814.

  8. Aviatory Life Buoy - This is Patent # 1192479, July 25, 1916, held by inventor Solomon Lee Van Meter, Jr. It is basically for the rip-cord parachute which is credited for saving hundreds of aviator lives. (PDF file)

  9. Mary Van Meter Grice Doll - small doll of Mary Van Meter.

  10. Trevor Van Meter Circus Punk - hairy stuffed doll.

  11. Van Meter, Iowa Plate - plate issued to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the town of Van Meter, Iowa.

  12. Whiskey Bottle - Western House Bar whiskey bottle.

  13. Medicine Bottle - H. C. Van Meter, druggist.

  14. Van Metre Ford Bridge Plate - plate commemorating Van Metre Ford Bridge in Berkeley County, West Virginia.

  15. Pool Token - don't know anything about this.

  16. A Dutch Song - contributed by Don Van Metre.

  17. Peter Van Meter Doll

  18. Letter from Daniel Van Matre to Cousin William Propeck.

  19. Harry Daniel VanMeter Death Certificate - contributed by Trisha VanMeter Ellison.

  20. Harry VanMeter Death Certificate - contributed by Trisha VanMeter Ellison.

  21. Rezin Van Meter Civil War Pension Index - contributed by Trisha VanMeter Ellison.


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