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Newspaper Articles and Papers

  1. "The Hitt and Van Meter Family" - Urbana (Ohio) Daily Citizen, January 26, 1957.  An excellent analysis's of this newspaper article by Greg Cox. (note you will need the Acrobat reader loaded on your system to see this file.

  2. John Van Meter and the First Land Grant in the Valley of Virginia - Newspaper article from the Washington Herald written by Thomas Forsythe Nelson, October 27, 1907.

  3. Van Meter: An Interesting Sketch of That Well Known Family - Newspaper article from the Moorefield Examiner, Jan. 12, 1905. Detailing the lines of Isaac Van Meter of Old Fields, West Virginia.

  4. Van Meter, James T. "Van Meter Pioneers in America". Prepared for the Van Meter family reunion, Putnam County, Ohio. June 25,1978.  CS71.V269 1978.

  5. History of the Van Meteren family - Research by John van Meeteren on the family in Holland. Includes family tree on descendants before coming to North America. This is a work in progress.

  6. History of the Manor "Meteren" - Paper written by Samuel Gordon Smyth or research done for him in Holland.  (PDF)

  7. A Glance at the Van Meter Family in the United States of America - Article that appeared in the West Virginia Historical Magazine Quarterly, 1902. Written by Anna Hunter Van Meter.  (PDF)

  8. Records Relating to the Van Metre, DuBois, Shepherd, Hite and Allied Families. Article that appeared in the West Virginia Historical Magazine Quarterly, 1902. Written by Samuel Gordon Smyth.  (PDF)

  9. A Tribute to Josina - Article that appeared in the Eastern Iowa Byways, Sept. 7, 1980. Van Metre cemetery in Benton County, Iowa.

  10. The Van Meteren's Of Holland And America - Paper written by Amelia Clay Lewis Van Meter Rogers.

  11. A Voyage To Europe - Diary of Benjamin F. Van Meter detailing his trip to England with his older brother Solomon in 1853 to buy cattle. (PDF)

  12. Gunfight between William Nicholas and Owen Bradley - Newspaper account of the shootout in 1901 between Will Nicholas and Owen Bradley.

  13. Van Meter Inventive Genius - Paper outlining the various inventions/patents by James Wright Van Meter. Contributed by Laurance VanMeter and the Jesse O. VanMeter, Jr., M.D., Genealogical Collection" courtesy of Virginia VanMeter.


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