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Van Metre / Van Meter Family DNA Testing

Basic Information
- Only males can participate directly - the test uses
Y-DNA that is only passed from father to son.
- Females can participate indirectly by recruiting a
male relative.
- These tests involve a cheek swab NOT a blood test.
- The test kit is mailed to you and you return it by
- The tests are not cheap.
- There are three levels of tests you can order for
the project.

Test Options
- The 12 marker test is not very useful for our
purpose of sorting out relationships for genealogy. If
you get a 12 out of 12 match with another person then
there is a 95% chance that you have a common ancestor
in 29 generations and a 50% chance of a common
ancestor in 7 generations.
- The 25 marker test is the minimum that I recommend.
It decreases the number of generations for which we
can be certain of a relationship, if there is a match.
If you get a 25 out of 25 match with another person
there is a 95% chance that you share a common ancestor
in 13 generations and a 50% chance of a common
ancestor in 3 generations. Jan Joosten is my 8G GF -
that is 10 generations from me - so a match from this
test (if I were male) could only show that we may be
related with 90% certainty.
- The best test is the 37 marker test which can
further reduce the number of generations for which the
test is accurate. If you get a 37 out of 37 match with
another person then there is a 95% chance that you
share a common ancestor in 7 generations and a 50%
chance of a common ancestor in 2 generations.
- Additional tests are available. See the web site for
more information

Group Rates
Markers           Cost
    12                  $  99
     25                 $148
     37                 $189
     67                 $269

If money is an issue see if you can get other members
of the family to pitch in and pool their funds. Having
one or two members tested out of every 5 or so
generations is enough, except in special cases.
Potential Risks
You might not get a match.
Not getting a match might mean that we don't have
enough people participating yet or it could mean that
you are not a direct Van Meter descendant for one of
various reasons, called non-paternity events. Unknown,
non-paternity events, which occurred somewhere in your
ancestry, may be due to a name change, adoption,
infidelity, artificial insemination, etc. Consider how
this information might affect your family.

Still Interested in Participating-
- Use the link below to join the project and purchase
your DNA test kit.
- Provide family tree information tracing your
father's line. Include your father's date and place of
birth. Include the same information for his father and
on back as far as you know. I just need the male line,
but feel free to include the rest of your tree. With
your permission I will add it to the Van Meter tree,
that I upload to <www.rootsweb.com> (no one born after
1930 is included in the posted tree). I already have
yours from your web site.
- I am trying to create one family tree connecting all
of the Van Meters. I have been adding other branches
as I have time and as I find them. I am also working
with the census. I started with the 1850 census and
have added all Van Meters from most states. I just
started on Ohio and have Illinois and Indiana left to
- Please sign and return the release forms that I will
send to you.

Interested Only as an Observer
- When there are some results there will be a public
page that you can access through
<www.familytreedna.com> Just type Van Meter in the box
in the upper right hand corner, under search by
surname. That will take you to the surname web site.

Linda Newhouse
Arcata, California

The material on the site is intended for free personal, non-commercial use. Commercial use of any of the materials presented on these pages is prohibited. Please do not consider any information on this site as a primary source, all data should be verified by you, the researcher. If you encounter any problems or have a question/correction, you can Email me at Scott Van Metre