Isaac Vanmeter to the Hon Ed Randolph November 28, 1786

    Hon'able Sir: As our Eschecter seems greatly at a loss how to Proceed in his Duty, he has requested me to endevor to obtain for him such Instructions as may be necessary for him about his Business, particularly what kind of Estates are Escheatable, The forms of the Inquisition, the particular manor in which it is to be taken. And as the South Branch manor, is under peculair circumstances, being leased by the late Lord Fairfax to the different Tenants for Three Lives, renewable forever at 20s Sterling. Rent for every Hundred acres per Year...In case the Proprieter's Estate therein be Escheatable, he would be glad of Particular Directions thereto. There is also a manor on Patterson's Creek in Hampshire & Hardy Counties, belonging to Phillip Martin, Esq'r, an officer in the British army, Leased for three Lives at the same rate, but not renewable, &c. Also a number of Tracts Leased by L'd Fairfax and Colo Martin, as att'y in Fact for his brother, &c, concerning which he likewise writes for Instructions. We are alarmed with a scheme of Speculation in the ____ way in our Parts, but what the Prospect or Design is we are not yet informed. Perhaps it may be aimed at one or both of these manors. Should it be the case, and they suceed, I am aprehensive it would raise such a spirit of resentment as would be productive of very fatal consequences, as the Tenants already think themselves greatly aggrieved under the oppressive Burthen of both rents & Taxes &c.

Reference: Calendar of Virginia State Papers & Other Manuscripts from June 1, 1781 to July 2, 1798., by Palmer, William P. MD., arranged and editor in 1884.

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