Letter from John Tyler to the Governor May 3, 1792 

    Sir, I beg leave to recommend to your mercy, Isaac Van Miter, a poor man who has been condemed to die for Horse stealing, which horse is restored to its owner. He had a very strong proof of a good reputation and honest connections, also of his frequently not being in his right senses; often wandering about the country at a great distance from his family; often lying out on cold nights even on his own land when he had all the domestic comforts of men in his condition of life; which manifested a deranged mind, and since his confinement his conduct has made the like impression on the people in this part of the country. Judge Winston is not now with me, but desired me to use his name for this occassion. This measure is dictated from a motive of charity and mercy, and also a desire to give your Excellency such information as may tend to produce so desireable a thing as a pardon for those who have a claim to it from the circumstances attending their cases....I am with very great respect, Your Excellency's most obt. H'ble serv't. For what it is worth. Mike

Reference: Calendar of Virginia State Papers & Other Manuscripts from June 1, 1781 to July 2, 1798., by Palmer, William P. MD., arranged and editor in 1884.

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