1814 Letter




Capt. David Vanmeter
on Tour of Duty near Norfolk Virginia

August 25th 1814 Fort Pleasant


I sit down in order to drop you a line before I start out to Green or to Mr. Warricks - I expect you will receive no small packet of letters by the next post & probably I shall only add one to a considerable expense you will be at for postage and perhaps for little purpose only as a mark of Friendship
I shall enclose herein a Commission for W. Wilton just Received with my sincere respect to him with a request that he will favour me with a line by post.
By Gen'l. order we have detailed 140 men more from this Reg't. who have rendesvozed & has order to hold themselves in readiness to march at a moments warning Capt. Wilton and Capt. Simmons are detailed to Command who all appear in tolerable good spirits Colo Vanse was Due appointed in the Clerkship & in Consequence Resigned his Commission in order to prepare to move to the Western County. There is a Colo detailed from the Brigade Lofton is absent & in all probibility I shall be ordered on this tour which I believe suits me as well as any other time could but as yet have received no orders. Your Aunt appears alarmed at it but I feel resigned & determined to go if ordered But I was told the other Day by Geo. Newell that Wm. Wilton had Lodged several Complaints before the Gen. against me & perhaps I may be arrested & try'd be a Gen'l Court Marshal. There is nothing material or interesting taken place since you left this. Friends Generally I believe enjoys health & have been closely engaged at their hay which the season has afforded a most bountiful crop o. I feel very anxious to hear of the health & welfare of your troops and what is conjectured from the movements of the British - What they mean to be at in all probibility some thing of importance will shortly desplay itself between the two nations. The Girls tells me Cousin Hannah appears well resigned to her situation. We have had intimations of an Armistice should it take place you will no doubt feel a great anxiety to be off home. But do not be too precipitate if an opportunity should offer. I must concluded as I expect you have a number of letters from your friends with this to Read. Believe me to be with sincere Regard to yours affectionately.
Jacob VanMeter

Moorefield VA
Aug. 27th 1814


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