Dutch Song

Ye sturdy Dutchmen, now arise,
Stand up in a row,
For singing of the ancient times.
We're going for to go;
When this fair land on every hand,
Was peopled by the Dutch,
And all the rest, however blest,
They did not count for much.

Of centennial celebrations,
We've had some two or more;
These upstarts of an hundred years,
But one find in their score,
And though they boast a mighty host,
"Four Hundred," brave and fair;
We quietly look in history's book
And fail to find them there.


I am a Van, of a Van, of a Van, of a Van,
Of a Van of a 'way back line;
On every rugged feature
Ancestral glories shine,
And all our band in kinship stand,
With all that's old and fine.
I'm a Van, of a Van, of a Van, of a Van,
Of a Van of a 'way back line.

G. C. B.
Freehold, N. J., March 10th, 1898
Source: Red Bank Register, Wednesday, March 16, 1898

Contributed by Don Van Metre

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