John Evans Van Metre

Born: May 4, 1794 near Martinsburg, WV
Died: June 2, 1863 in Benton Co., Iowa - Obituary 
Buried: Van Metre Cemetery
Father: Isaac Van Metre
Mother: Mary Evans

Married: May 19, 1815  (Bond)
Wife: 1st - Elizabeth Van Metre
Born: December 25, 1795
Died:  July 28, 1820
Father: Abraham Van Metre
Mother: Elizabeth Burns

Children: (with Elizabeth)

  1. John E. 

  2. William

  3. Unknown male

Married:   Jan. 24, 1822 
Wife: 2nd - Josina Van Metre  
Born: Oct. 6, 1806
Died: Nov. 19, 1889 in Iowa.  Death certificate requested from state, not found.
Buried: Van Metre Cemetery


Children (with Josina)

  1. Isaac Taylor  b. 1823

  2. Jeptha Morgan  b. 1825

  3. Ezra  b. 1827

  4. *Henry Clay b. 1829

  5. Jacob      Died as boys

  6. Charles      "      "    "

  7. Isaiah  b. 1833

  8. Joseph

  9. Girl  died in infancy

  10. Girl     "      "       "

  11. John  b. 1846    

   John Evans Van Metre was the oldest son of Isaac Van Metre and Mary Evans.  He was born near Martinsburg, West Virginia on May 4, 1794.  Married Elizabeth Van Metre, daughter of Abraham Van Metre and Elizabeth Burns, in 1815. She died in 1820 at the age of 25.

   On January 24, 1822 he married his second wife, Josina Van Metre, daughter of Johonnes Van Metre Jr. and Josinah Taylor.  Her grandfather and John Evans great-grandfather were half brothers.  Josina was 15 and John Evans 28 when they were married.

   After Isaac Taylor and Jeptha Morgan were born they moved to Ohio, where he was a circuit riding judge.  In 1854 they move from Pickaway Co., Ohio to Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  A year later they moved again to land they bought,  25 miles west of Cedar Rapids.  This homestead was to be called "Pickaway".

   John Evans was said to be a man of strength and ability, known for his keen intellect and large heartedness.  He was large and portly in physique and of commanding presence.  He died during the Civil War in 1863.

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