John Van Metre

Born: March 16, 1846 - Benton Co., Iowa
Died: Jan. 30, 1876 - Benton Co., Iowa
Buried: Blairstown, Iowa
Father: John Evans Van Metre
Mother: Josina Van Metre

Wife: Cora Richardson
Born: April 17, 1854 - Wyoming County, New York
Father: R. Richardson
Mother: Mary F. Britton


John practiced law in Blairstown and Belle Plaine.
John Van Metre; he was born in Pickaway Co., Ohio: March 16, 1846; he came to this State in 1855; in the year 1868, be commenced the study of law, and was admitted to the bar in 1870; he speedily came forward to a leading position at the bar; his success in the profession was almost without precedent; in January, 1874 he formed a co-partnership with John D. Kin-, the firm being, known as Van Metre & King; this firm continued until a few days before his death, which occurred Jan. 31, 187 6; he was a fluent speaker, and his addresses to a jury were always effective, his intercourse with the bar was always marked with the utmost dignity and courtesy, and no man ever saw him betrayed into a wrangle with the opposing counsel or the court when trying a case be was never a promoter of litigation, never made the court of justice an engine of oppression or used it as a weapon to further his own ambition and gratify personal malice or spite; but, on the other band, he endeavored whenever it was possible to harmonize disputes without resorting to courts.


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