Jeptha Morgan Van Metre

Born: April 13, 1825 near Martinsburg, West Virginia
Died: April 11, 1886 - Marshall Co., Iowa
Buried: Van Metre Cemetery
Father: John Evans Van Metre
Mother: Josina Van Metre

Wife: 1st - W. E. Stocker ( Helen's mother)
Died: 1859

Married: 1875
Wife: Elizabeth P. Stocker (Libbie)
Died: 1891 in St. Edward, Nebraska


  1. Helen - b. 1859
    Raised Isaac Taylor Van Metre's (his brother) children; Nettie and Charlie after their mother and father had died.

Jeptha was a volunteer, going with the Sixth Iowa Volunteer Cavalry and did valiant service in the Dakotas, repulsing and subduing the Indians as they were constantly harassing the early settlers and were especially annoying when every nerve was at tension in the great conflict in the South.  A captain in the Civil War, Jeptha was wounded three times by Indians.  In the battle of White Stone Hill, he was wounded in the cheek and nose by Sitting Bull.  The cut was so deep, his comrades held his cheek tightly for hours, so he would not bleed to death.  His face was badly scarred.  Upon the death of their mother, Charlie and Nettie of the Isaac Taylor Van Metre family, who were two and four years respectively, were given at the request of their mother, to Jeptha and Elizabeth Van Metre and raised as their own children.  Jeptha and Isaac both settled on farms near State Center in 1869.  Jeptha moved in 1877, nearer to the county seat, Marshalltown, his home being just three miles northwest from that place.


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