John Van Metre

Born: Oct. 14, 1683 in Ulster, NY
Died: 1745, Frederick Co., VA (Berkeley Co., WV) - Will
Father: Joost Janse Van Meteren
Mother: Sara Du Bois

Married: 1705
Wife: Sarah Bodine
Born: 1687 in Staten Island, NY
Died: 1709 in Somerset Co., NJ


  1. Sara Davis b. 1706

  2. *Johonnes (Sr.) b. 1708

  3. Maria Jones  b. 1709

Sarah Bodine dies sometime after Maria Jones is born and John Van Metre marries his second wife, Margaret Molenaur, or Miller in 1710.

Married: 1710
Wife: Margaret Molenaur or Miller
Born: 1687 in Somerset Co., New Jersey
Died: 1745 in Frederick Co., VA (Berkeley Co., WV)


  1. Rebecca Hedges  b. 1711

  2. Isaac b. 1713

  3. Elizabeth Shepherd b. 1715

  4. Henry b. 1717

  5. Rachel LeForge (Lessige) b. 1719

  6. *Abraham b. 1721

  7. Jacob b. 1723

  8. Magdalena (Maudlena) Pewsey b. 1725




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