Joost Janse Van Metre

Born: 1656 in Gelderland, Holland
Died: Cir. 1733
Father: Jan Joosten Van Meteren
Mother: Macyken Hendricksen

Married: Dec. 12, 1682  in New Paltz, NY
Wife: Sara DuBois
Baptized: Sept. 14, 1664 in Kingston NY
Died: 1726


  1. *Jan Joosten 2nd (John Van Metre of Virginia) b. 1683

  2. Rebekka  baptized April 26, 1686

  3. Lysbeth  baptized March 3, 1689

  4. Isaac  b. 1692

  5. Hendrix  born September 1,  1695

Sometimes called John Van Metre of New York and " Indian Trader John".

    Joost Janse Van Meteren arrived in America with his parents, Jan Joosten and Macyken aboard the "Fox" on September 12, 1662.  On June 10, 1663 it is believed he was one of a group of captives taken by the Minnisink Indians and held ten weeks before being rescued.  It is said that this experience resulted in a fascination and rapport  in dealing and exploring with Indians.  He "Americanized" his name to "John Van Metre".

    After marrying Sara du Bois in 1664 there isn't much on record about John Sr.  He was of roving disposition spending most of his time trading and exploring the country.  The following is from Mackenzie's "Colonial Families of the U. S.", VI. "John Van Metre, a Dutchman from the Hudson, was an Indian trader and pioneer explorer of the Shenandoah Valley, who spied out land about the time of Governor Spottswood's expedition in 1716.  He equipped a band of Delaware Indians at his own expense and traveled far southward and over unknown land.  On his return he advised his sons to take up lands in the Wappatomaka Valley, on the South Branch River above " the Trough," as it was the finest land he had ever discovered.  Subsequently his sons, John and Isaac, took his advice and petitioned Governor Gooch, in 1731, for 40,000 acres, which was granted, and which they later transferred to Jost Hite, whose wife was Anna Maria du Bois. a near relative of Louis du Bois."  Actually date for grant was June 30 1730.  John and Isaac keep choice parcels for themselves in today's Berkeley and Hardy county West Virginia respectively.

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