Ezra Van Metre

Born: Jan. 27, 1859 at Pickaway Homestead, Benton Co., IA
Died: June 17, 1947 - North Hollywood, California
Buried: Valhalla Cemetery, Burbank California
Father: Henry Clay Van Metre
Mother: Rhoda Winterstein
Picture of Ezra and Emma

Married: Dec. 23, 1885
Wife: Emma Marion Collins
Born: April 24, 1864 - Chillicothe, Illinois
Died: Nov. 8, 1935 - Los Angles, California
Buried: Valhalla Cemetery, Burbank California
Father: Edward G. Collins
Mother: Harriet Boswell


  1. Edward Marion (Ned)  b. Feb. 11, 1887

  2. Donald  b. April 18, 1899

  3. *Gerald  b. Oct. 19, 1903

    Ezra was born and grew up on the Pickaway homestead (Benton County) in Iowa.  He helped Henry Clay farm till he graduated from the State University of Iowa (University of Iowa), Iowa City with a LLB degree (Law) in June 1883 ,  (College records destroyed in Registrar's Office fire).  He had a law practice in Nebraska for some time, living in the town of Kenesaw, Adams County, where Edward his first son was born in 1887.  He gradually became more interested in real-estate moving back to Iowa, settling in the town of Tipton around 1896.  In 1910 he moved to Cedar Rapids opening the Office of the American-Canadian Land Company (Postcard scan) with branch offices in Amarillo, Texas and Outlook, Saskatchewan, Canada.  The business involved taking prospective buyers (farmers) on excursions, conducted every two weeks, showing agricultural property for sale largely in Canada and the Pan-Handle of Texas.  Apparently at one time he attempted to strike it rich drilling for oil, the result of which was a dry hole somewhere in Texas.  Having sunk almost his entire net worth in the drilling venture he never recovered and spent the his last years selling real-estate in the Los Angeles, California area till his death in 1947.


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