New Jersey Wills and Abstracts

Calendar of New Jersey Wills, 1901, New Jersey Historical Society

Dated: December 16, 1681.
Signed: Jan Joosten & a mark for Mayken.
Language: Dutch.
Filed: with inventory of his personal property in Burlington Co. NJ Surrogate's Office.
Proved: 13 Jun 1706
Listed: Ulster Co. Probate Record
Translator: Gustave Anjou, in his Probate Records of Ulster County:

Inventory of the personal estate: 235.14, incl. 6 negro slaves, a man, a woman and four children, 145; made by Jooris van Neste and Hendreck Reinersen.
Sworn to by John van Mater in Burlington.

Wife Maycken shall have full possession of the estate. She consents that the survivor shall possess everything, lands, houses, personal property, money, gold, silver, coined or uncoined. After their decrease, the property to be inherited by their children. Joost to have one half of the entire estate first, Joost and Gysbert to have the land at Marbletown, Joost one half, and then the other half to be divided between them. Geertie Crom to have the land at Wassemaker's Land. Children of Lysbeth, deceased, to have their portion, in money, from the other children.


Calendar of New Jersey Wills, 1670-1760

Name: Isaac van Meter
Date: 28 Nov 1758
Inventory of part of his estate found in Salem Co., in the custody of Jost Millar, viz., a negro man, "if he arrives at the age of 21 years," 50, proclamation money; a negro girl, 15, "if she arrives to full age."
Signed by Bateman Lloyd and Joseph van Meter.
Salem Wills, 1049 Q.

Calendar of New Jersey Wills, 1670-1760

Name: Isaac Vanmetre
Date: 15 Feb 1754
Location: South Branch of the Potowmack, in Frederick Co. Va.;
will of.

Wife, Hannah, to have 20 yearly and negro named Hannah.
Lands in New Jersey, with the stock thereon, to remain under the leases now granted till they expire, then to be sold, and money to go to my children, viz., Henry, Jacob, Garret, Sarah Richman, Catherine Vanmetre, Rebecca Hite, Helita Vanmetre.

Lands in Virginia I bought of James Cebrun, located by Abraham Hite and Jonathan Heath, of 600 acres, to be divided, and the upper 200 I give to my son Garrett, the middle 200 to my son Jacob and the lower 200 to my son Henry, whereon he now lives. The land I purchased of Michael Hyder I give to my daughter Catherine, if she incline to dwell thereon, and, if she does not, then to be sold. The 200 acres which is in dispute, if it goes to me, then I give it to Abraham Hite, husband of my daughter Rebecca, joining his lot, and the other 200 acres I give to my daughter Hellita. If my daughters Catherine and Hellita die without marriage or issue, then my daughter Sarah, the wife of John Richman, to have said land. If sons Jacob or Garret die without marriage or issue, then their part to go to the surviving children.
Executors--sons Henry, Jacob and Garret.
Witnesses--Ebenezer Holme, Abel Randell, Joseph Carrell.
Will proved Dec. 14, 1757, in Hampshire County, Va.
Lib. 12, p. 119.


Calendar of New Jersey Wills, 1670-1760

Name: Henry van Meter
Date: 02 May 1752
Location: Piles Grove Township, Salem Co.
will of.
Children--Joseph, David, John, Ephraim, Fetters, Benjamin, Jacob, Elesabeth, and Rebecca.
Homefarm of 350 acres; farm of 300 ac., now occupied by Philipp Sutter;
farm of 350 ac., now occupied by Joshua Garrison; farm of 350 ac. adjoining the homefarm; 900 ac., bought of Langhorn Biles and Jeremiah Bates.
Personal property, incl. a negro girl.
Executors--sons Joseph and David.
Witnesses--Joshua Garrison, Benjamin Worton and Onesimus Seagrave.
Proved Dec. 8, 1759.
Lib. 10, p. 507.


from:Ruckman, Phil N. Sr.

1836 Will of Isaac VanMeter:
Page 1

Page 2:
(sons of William & Sally Cunningham) three Negro Boys names Charles, Lloyd & Hamilton (Sons of Teny.) My oldest Grandson to take choice.

Item 3. I give and devise to my son Garrett Vanmeter his heirs and assigns the Land I held in the State of Maryland and now in his possession as far north as the south east corner of the Land I bought of Thomas Nanett and with a line due East from said corner to bound it. Also several tracts of Land, I hold in Hampshire County Va. and now in his possession, which I bought of Solomon Heater, John Slagle, John House and the heirs of the widow Slagle Dec. Also I give to my son Garrett & my son David a tract of Land in the Allegheny Mountains, adjoining my son Garretts land, and the Land which has been devised to my son David, and on which Joseph Dixon now lives, to be divided by them equally, so as to suit them both. Also I give to my son Garrett one Negro Boy names Anthony (son of Matilada).

Item 4th. I give and devise to my son John Inskeep Vanmeter, his Heirs & assigns all those several tracts of land, I hold in the State of Ohio; adjoining each other, and commonly called Miller's Bottom near the mouth of Big Beaver Creek, and now in his possession. Also I give to my Son John I. Vanmeter, my part of a tract of land on the Scioto River, commonly called Laytons Bottom, the other parts belonging to the heirs of George Harness, dec. and the heir of Lionel Branson, dec.

Item 5th. I give and devise to my daughter Elizabeth Inskeep, her Heirs and Assigns, all the several tracts, or parts, or parcels of Tracts of land I hold adjoining and near the town of Frankfort in Hampshire County, Va. purchased of the Rogers, the Jones & others. and all my interest in law and or equity in and to lots and rents of lots in the said town of Frankfort and now in her possession.

Item 6th. I give and devise to my Son Jacob Vanmeter, his Heirs and Assigns all the Lands whereon I now live, including all the Lands I hold in Hardy County, Va. (and not otherwise devised) subject to the payment of three thousand dollars, payable to me, or to my executors in installments, of eight hundred dollars annually to be applied as hereafter directed. Also I give to my Son Jacob. a tract of land I hold in the Allegheny Mountains call the Copper Spring. Also I give to my son Jacob Vanmeter, whatever stock of Cattle, sheep and hogs that may be on hand, at my deceased; also all my household and kitchen
Page 3
furniture, and all of farming utensils of every description. Also I give to my son Jacob Vanmeter the following names Slaves viz. James, Bill, Bob, Manual, Dan (son of Teny), Rachel and her children (not otherwise disposed of) and Lot and her children (not otherwise disposed of.).

Item 7th. I give and devise to my Daughter Ann Markee Gibson, her heirs and assigns, the several tracts of Land I hold & Lying in Hampshire County, Va. at the mouth of Pattersons' Creek, and which I bought of James Higgins and the Eversoles, and now in her possession. Also I give to my Daughter Ann M. Gibson the whole of my stock in the Bank of the Valley at Romney. Also I give to my Daughter Ann M. Gibson the following names Slaves vix Edmund and Henry, Caroline, Caty, Harriet & Rebecca.

It is my will and I do furthermore direct, that my executors, hereafter mentioned to collect all the debts due to me and likewise the sum which I have directed my son Jacob to pay which sum (if not paid to me) is to be paid over to my said Daughter, Ann M. Gibson, and I do furthermore direct, that my said Executors do dispose of all my property of every description belonging to me wherever it may be (and not hereto fore devised or Disposed of) and after paying my just debts and legacies, the remainder (if any) to be equally divided among my children.
And Lastly. I do appoint and constitute my sons David Vanmeter, Garrett Vanmeter and Jacob Vanmeter to be the Executors of this my last will and testament, hereby revoking all former wills and Testaments.
It is to be understand and I do hereby direct that my two old Salves named Jack and Surry shall remain, and be under the care and direction of my son Jacob, and that the remainder of my salve not otherwise disposed of, be sold to the highest bidder among my children. In testimony whereof I have here unto set my hand and Affixed my seal this thirtieth day of April 1836.

Signed Sealed and Acknowledged in
Isaac Vanmeter SEAL
Presence of US
Philip ?W. Peck
Hannah L. Peck
John Inskeep

Pages 90 & 91 of Unrecorded Wills and Inventories Monmouth County, New Jersey:

VAN MATRE, KRYNE of Middletown, Mon. Co., Yeoman, "Being ingood and perfect health." Dated Apr. 26, 1719. Proved by oath of William Lawrence, Junr, and Hendrick Smock, "two of the Evidences," who saw the other wits. sign; before John Barclay, Surrogate, Mch. 21, 1719.

"My Will is that My Son John Van Matre shall have and keep that Fifty-one pounds which I formerly paid to Ryk "Hendrickson for and towards a plantation for my said Son John, without being accountable to my Executors for the "same..."; " .... that at the time of the Marriage of My Daughter Yda she shall have two Cows and fifteen "pounds and my daughter Angletye to have at the time of her Marriage two Cows and fifteen pounds, And My daughter "Cornelia to have at the time of her Marriage two Cows and fifteen pounds to be delivered to them out of my perfonal "Estate by my Executors ...."; "to my loving Wife Neeltye Van Matre the use of my plantation and the use of the "Remainder of my personal Estate .... during the time that she shall Remain my Widow and after her decease or "Remarriage .... that the personal Estate that she has the use of be Equally divided Amongst all my Chilldren, "Namely, John, Yda, Ghisbert, Angeltye Benjamin, Cornelia, Sirynus and Joseph"; " .... my whole Real Estate ".... after the death or Remarriage of my Wife which shall first happen to my fowr Sons Namely Ghisbert Van "Matre, Benjamin Van Matre, Sirynus Van Matre and Joseph Van Matre as followeth, viz.... that if my Son Ghisbert shall within .... Three Years Next after the decease or Remarriage of my Wife pay unto my daughter Yda "or her heirs the Sum of Seventy-five pounds, that then I give .... One full and Equal fourth part of my Real "Estate to him ... his heirs ...., And if my Son Benjamin shall within .... Three Years Next "after the decease or Remarriage of my Wife pay unto my daughter Angeltye or her Heirs, the Sum of Seventy five pounds "then I give .... One full and Equal fourth part of my Real Estate to him .... his Heirs .... And "if my Son Sirinus shall live to the Age of Twenty-one years, and shall within three years after the Decease or Remarriage "of my Wife or at the Age of Twenty-One Years which shall last happen, pay to my Son John or his Heirs, the Sum of "Seventy-five pounds then I Give .... One full and Equal fourth part of my Real Estate to him .... his "Heirs .... And if my Son Joseph shall live to the Age of Twenty-One Years, and shall within three Years after the "Decease or Remarriage of my Wife or at the Age of Twenty One Years which shall last happen, pay to my daughter Cornelia "or her Heirs the Sum of Seventy-five pounds then I Give .... the Remaining fourth part of my Real Estate to "him.... Joseph his Heirs .... if Either of the said fowr Sons depart this Life before he attain the Age of "Twenty-One Years, or leave Issue of his Body, that then that fowrth part of my Estate be Equally divided between the "Remaining Three, they paying that Sum to the person that the party deceased was to pay .... I .... give "power to my Executors .... to divide my Lands in fowr Equall parts .... to my said fowr Sons."

Nominates "My two friends and Brothers in Law Benjamin Van Cleave and Philip folcoettson to be the Executors ...."

kr"n G[orF]auffen van meteren
Jacobus Swett [or Scott]
Hendrick Smock
John Lawrence
Thomas Lawrence
Willm Lawrence Junr

Oath of Executor, Benjamen Vancleave, before John Barclay, Surrogate, May 25, 1720.

New Jersey Historical Society. Calendar of New Jersey Wills, Administrations, etc. Newark, NJ: New Jersey Historical Society, 1901.

Page: 480
Name: Kryne Jansen van Matre
Date: 26 Apr 1719
Location: Middletown, Monmouth Co.
yeoman; will of. Wife Neeltye. Children--John, Yda, Angletye, Cornelia, Ghisbert, Benjamin, Sirynus and Joseph. Real and personal estate. Executors--brothers-in-law Benjamin van Cleave and Philip Folcoertson. Witnesses--Jacobus Swett (?), Hendrick Smock, John Lawrence, Thomas Lawrence, Wm. Lawrence junior. Proved March 21, 1719-20.

Page: 480
Name: Quiryn van Matre
Date: 07 May 1720
Location: Middletown, Monmouth Co.
Inventory of the personal estate, 194.11.4, incl. a large Bible and four other books 4.10, a bond of Hugh Fraizer 8.10, 163 bushels of wheat at 3/4, 27.3.4; made by Wm. Lawrence, Johannes Smack, Auken Hetfelsen and Wm. Lawrence junior.

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