Jacob Van Meter Will

In the Name of God Amen   I Jacob VanMetre being infirmly in health but of sound and perfect mind calling to mind the mortality of the Body and that is appointed for all men once to die do make and ordain this my Last Will and Testement and first of all I give and recommend my soul to the hands of Almighty God that gave it and my Body to be buried in a decent and Christian like manner at the descretion of my Executors.  Nothing doubting but the General resurrection I shall receive again by the mighty God that gave it and as touching Such Worldly affairs where with it pleased God to bless me with I give and dispose of in the following manner (That is to say) I give and bequeath unto my beloved wife Letty VanMetre all and singular my Household furniture to enjoyed and dispose of at her descretion and that her death if any part thereof should be remaining I make no doubt but as she has divided her affections amongst her Children but she will Equally divide the residue of her Legacy with them as she thinks they Severally Stand in need.  I also allow my said wife Letty the following precious legacies to be enjoyed by her at her descretion during her natural lifetime (VIZ) the dwelling house and garden adjoining the same which I now occupy also one young mare called Pole with here saddle and bridle for her proper use and behoof together with one half the orchard and Meadow and Cleared Farming Land of which she is to have the benefit of one half of the production and she is to support and assist in labour and materials in keeping the said farm in repair and providing the said production and I do further allow her to have one half of the benefits of the Grist Mill during her life and to be at an Equal Existence together with all buildings and appurtinances belonging to said farm in keeping the same in repair also I give and bequeath unto my wife Letty one Equal third part of all remainder of my personal Estate during her life after all my Just debts are paid and after her death the remaining part of her third to be distributed amongst my children as she my think most Expedient.  I also allow my wife Letty the full benefit of all my Negroes during her Life (To Wit) Daniel Mark Isaac Celilah but if Either or any of them before mentioned should arrive to the age of Thirty Years old before the death of my wife Each or Either of them shall be wholy set free from Servitude without serving any person whatsoever and if my wife should depart this life before they arise to the age of thirty it is my Will that they then be set free from servitude. Also it is my will that the other two thirds of my personal Estate I allow to be Equally divided amongst my Children such as has not received their Legacy before my death and if any of my legatees should be dead be it understood that their heirs shall receive it.  I also leave to my son Jacob the plantation on which I now live with whatsoever Land I may obtain adjoining the said plantation Except that part which I have given to my son John VanMetre which will appear from agreement line to be bounded as followeth to begin at the lower end of a plum first above the Mill dam and to run across the whole of the three surveys on the same direction of the upper line which is to be for his use and his heirs forever.  The reserve of my Plantation and whatever Lands shall be remaining together with all and singular appurtinances together with one half the Grist Mill and after the death of my wife Letty the whole of the Mill to be for the use and behoof of my son Jacob and his heirs forever by his paying unto the other Legatees after the death of my wife on half of the Valuation of the Mill the same to Valued by persons chosen by the Legatees that is to say the Value of building the same Also the residue of my land I leave and bequeath unto my sons Isaac and John to be Equally divided in quantity and quality Except one hundred and fifty acres unto Samuel Haycraft as a Compensation for a Legation of Land of four hundred acres and the said 150 acres to be laid off for said Haycraft upon the Lower End of a five hundred acre survey only if the same shall be procurred from other claims if not where the Legatees shall agree also the same number of acres that my son John has surveyed to him off of my Plantation tract as before mentioned to be laid off for the use of my son Jacob and his heirs forever  the whole of the residue of my Lands that shall be procurred after the foregoing Exceptions to be Equally divided between my sons Isaac & John and their heirs forever  Exceptions What Land is taken and laid off for my son Jacob on Caney is to be reduced from the lands to be divided for my son John before a Dividend takes place between the legatees also it is my will that my son Abrahams Heirs do receive three pounds each for their use and behoof to wit Catherine Sarah Letty & Elizabeth also that my Daughter Peggy Receive five pounds and also twelve pounds exclusive of the Division for a Compensation   I do also appoint my son Jacob VanMetre and Samuel Haycraft and my son Isaac to be my sole Executors to see to the proper distribution of this my last will and Testament and I do hereby Revoke all others and Ratify and confirm this my last will and testament  In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this 11th day of November 1798  Jacob Van Metre

Hardin County Will Book A

Submitted by Dottie McKee


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