Berkeley County, West Virginia Will Abstracts

Berkeley County was formed in 1772 before that it was part of Frederick County, Virginia.

  1. Book 1, Page 348 Abraham Vanmeter, dated 21 December 1780, probated 18 November 1783. Sons; Daniel Vanmeter, John Vanmeter, Joseph Vanmeter, Jacob Vanmeter, Abraham Vanmeter, Isaac Vanmeter. Daughters; Ruth Vanmeter, Hannah Vanmeter, Mary Vanmeter, Rebecca Vanmeter.
  2. Book 2, Page 214 Henry Vanmeter, dated 3 March 1790, probated 17 December 1793. Wife; Elizabeth Vanmeter. Sons; Nathan Vanmeter, Henry Vanmeter, Joshua Vanmeter, Joseph Vanmeter deceased. Daughter; Hester Vanmeter, Aled? Vanmeter. Grandson; Joseph Vanmeter son of Nathan.
  3. Book 2, Page 234 Henry Vanmeter; appraisal dated 2 January 1794 by William Bush, James Mosley, Joseph McMurren.
  4. Books 3, Page 333 Abraham Vanmeter, audit dated 23 August 1800. Administrators; Jacob Vanmeter, William Garrett. Names: Joseph Somerville, Peter Woltz, Thomas Power, Robert Stephen, John Mion, William Curry, Elizabeth Butterfield, James Carr, John Copeland, David Needy, Reuben Foreman, Isaac Vanmeter, Hannah Vanmeter, Daniel Vanmeter, Abraham Vanmeter, Joseph Simmon, Henry Vanmeter Jr., Daniel Davis, Michael McKewen, Charles Wintersmith, Danl Curry, Samuel Roberts, John Rion, William Rambo, Abraham Morlatt, James Bills, John Vanmetre, William Gorel, William Garrett, Mary Gorrell, William Gorrel David Hunter, James Hunter.
  5. Book3, Page 699 John Shoapstall; sale dated 23 June 1805. Names Isaac Vanmetre, George Shoapstall, Isaac Shoapstall, James Armstrong, John Evans, William Slaughter, Edmond Evans, Abraham Vanmetre, Adam Shoapstall, Zachariah Williams, John Kerney, Jacob Shoapstall, Hugh Couly, Jacob Kirkhart, David Shoapstall, William Stephenson, Thomas Peterson, York Sanda, Nicholas Roush, Peter Grove, John Vanmetre, Jacob Gorrell, Thomas Hall, Samuel Veal, John Burns, Abraham Morlatt, James Cattlett, Thomas Glenn, John Dugan, Isaac Walters, Ephraim Evans, John Shoapstall, John Basil, Richard Gartrell, Henry Whitneck, M. Thompson, M. Kyle, Henry Fardnen, James Glenn, William Henry, Joseph Vanmetre, William Watts.
  6. Book 4, Page 98 Jacob Vanmeter; dated 13 September 1806.
  7. Book 34 - Mary Van Metre.

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