Paul Winterstein Van Metre

Born: June 24, 1878 - Benton Co., Iowa
Died: May 16, 1975 - Calhoun Co., Iowa
Father: Henry Clay Van Metre
Mother: Rhoda Dunn Winterstein

Married: 1912
Wife: Frances Louise Crawford
Died: July 31, 1941 - Calhoun Co., Iowa


  1. Rhoda - b. July 23, 1914

  2. John Crawford - b. Dec. 27, 1915

Paul W. Van Metre was undergraduate intern, Bellevue Hospital, Muscatine, Iowa, three months; for one year, at Methodist Hospital, Des Moines, Iowa; and extern three months, intern and first Assistant for three months Augustana Hospital, Chicago.  Taught Surgery at University of Missouri, (Columbia, Missouri) for eight months.  Was refused when tried twice to enlist in World War I, served in Volunteer Medical Corps, 1918.  Superintendent Memorial Hospital, Nakon Sri Tamarat, Siam, 1913-1917, under Presb. Board, USA.  Founder and for years, Section Manager of Twin Lakes District Dry Clinic with annual meeting at Rockwell City.


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