VAN METER. William Rodden Van Meter, born Aug. 22, 1906 in Philadelphia, PA, passed away Monday (March 25, 1996). He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania 1928. Moved to West Hartford in 1946 to become Chief Food Technologist at the Heublein, resigned in 1953 to start own consulting business which he ran successfully for 25 years. He published more than 80 technical articles in food and technology journals. He is survived by his daughter, Gerry C. Cohen (Mrs. Burton I. Cohen) of West Hartford; his son, Jan R. Van Meter of New York City; and four grandchildren; Martha E. Harris of Alexandria, VA, Abby Cohen of Newton Center, MA, Katy B. Zuliani of Simsbury, and Benjamin T. Van Meter of New York City, and two great-grandchildren, Lydia Cohen Harris of Alexandria, VA and Isabel Cohen Snyder of Newton Center, MA. Services were held Tuesday. In lieu of flowers, contributions may be made to Talking Books, c/o East Hartford Public Library, East Hartford, CT

From: The Hartford Courant, CT - March 27, 1996


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