John Van Meter

Van Meter, John, son of William who came to Smith Twp., Whitley County Ind. in 1837, was born in Ohio; did die on 24th of Jan. 1906, aged 74 yrs. In 1853 married Mrs. Francis DePoy of Union Twp. this county. He was a farmer and stock buyer. He had 3 daughters and a son. Two daughters and a son are dead. the remaining daughters is Mrs. Mary Jones of Chicago. The funeral service was held in the Eel River Church and burial was in the adjoining cemetery (C.C.P., 27 Jan. 1906) The deceased daughters of John Van Meter were named Alice and Orpha (C.C.C.M., 2 Feb 1906).

Columbia City Post, 27 Jan. 1906


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