Charles Letcher Van Meter

Died at home on College View Avenue Tuesday morning; was apparently in normal health when awoke around 6:30 and remained in bed while his wife prepared
breakfast. When the meal was ready, Mrs. VanMeter called, and upon receiving no answer went to the bedroom and found him dead. Coroner's investigation showed that the cause of death was a heart attack. Survivors: wife [unnamed], four brothers, Brown, Lewis, Jesse, and Benjamin Van Meter, and one sister, Mrs. Alford [sic] Savage, all of Fayette County.
Funeral services at Maxwell Street Presbyterian Church; pallbearers: Dr. Wallis Pinnell, Joseph VanMeter, J. R. Bush, Henry Redman, Charles Steinberger [sic], Samuel B. Prewitt, and S. L. VanMeter; burial in the family plot in the Lexington Cemetery.

From: Lexington Herald, 2d , p. 1, Wednesday, January 22, 1913.

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