Marriage Records Ross Co., Ohio

  1. Betsey Van Meter m. John Shephard. Mar. 3, 1809.
  2. Cornelia Van Meter m. Richard Woods, September 3, 1877.
  3. Henry Van Meter m. Elizabeth Butt. Aug. 17, 1812.
  4. James Van Meter m. Rebecca Roberts. Dec. 04, 1808.
  5. James Vanmeter m. Edith Ann Dawson. June 28, 1832 (Lic).
  6. John Van Meter m. Sophia Clark. March 29, 1814.
  7. John I. Vanmeter m. Mary Harness, April 11, 1826.
  8. Joseph Van Meter m. Rachel Renick. Mar. 26, 1805.
  9. Maria E. Van Meter m. William Bramlet, September 26, 1871.
  10. Permelia Van Meter m. John Tomlinson, February 1, 1881.
  11. Ruhanna Van Metre m. Jacob Hickle. Aug. 12, 1809.

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