Marriage Records Pickaway Co., Ohio

  1. Ambrose Van Meter m. Mary A. Anderson. Sep. 23, 1841 by Joseph A. Roof.
  2. John Van Meter m. Ann A. Albertis. Dec. 11, 1840 by William Hanby.
  3. Daniel Vanmeter m. Elizabeth E. Richardson. Sep. 19, 1837.
  4. James M. Vanmeter m. Lucinda Brown. Feb. 2, 1834.
  5. Charles L. Van Meter m. Flora Bell. Dec. 14, 1886.
  6. Seymour R. Van Meter m. Rachel C. Vause. Nov. 18, 1875.
  7. Mathias Vanmeter m. Martha A. Writesel. Jul. 25, 1872.
  8. Rebecca Van Meter m. James R. Hulse. May 17, 1813, (license date).
  9. Susannah Van Meter m. John Kyle. Jul. 31, 1810 (license date).
  10. Milly VanMeter m. Jacob Coons. Oct. 24, 1816.
  11. Ann C. Van Meter m. Jesse Brown. Mar. 1, 1843.
  12. Betsey Ann Van Meter, m. Samuel Grant. Sep. 23 1833.
  13. Lydia Van Meter m. Jethro Petty. Apr. 8, 1823.
  14. Sarah Van Meter m. John F. Hinkle. Oct. 25, 1831.
  15. Sarah Van Meter m. Lawrence Triplett. Feb. 8, 1844.
  16. Sydney Van Meter m. Benjamin Henkle. Jun. 28, 1832.

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