Marriage - Cass Co., Indiana

  1. Annie Vanmeter m. John W Briggs,14 Oct 1868. BK.4, PG.478.

  2. Charles W Vanmeter m. Emily F Yarbro, 28 Nov 1900. BK.18, PG.298.

  3. Ella M Vanmeter m. Louis J Beig, 27 Nov 1884. BK.9, PG.549.

  4. Elsio Vanmeter m. Walter Vanmoter, 20 Jul 1912. BK.31,PG.171.

  5. Frank Vanmeter m. Rosa A Roles, 27 Nov 1889. BK.12,PG.322.

  6. George F Vanmeter m. Lovia A Ann, 27 Apr 1910. BK.28,PG.229.

  7. Harriett Vanmeter m. James Hunter, 02 Dec 1852. BK.2,PG.70.

  8. John E Vanmeter m. Helen C Rofter, 16 Sep 1920. BK.42,PG.479.

  9. Lillie E Vanmeter m. Schuyler L Button, 10 Dec 1894. BK.16,PG.114.

  10. Malinda Vanmeter m. Henry J Lyons, 05 May 1885. BK.10,PG.104.

  11. Mattie Vanmeter m. William Fiddler, 01 Mar 1879. BK.6,PG.553

  12. Ralph Vanmeter m. Florence Schnitz, 19 Aug 1916. BK.37, PG.63

  13. Sadie Vanmeter m. Hugh B Hillhouse, 06 Jun 1883. BK.9,PG.118.

  14. Susie Vanmeter m. Almon Lyons, 14 Jun 1888. BK.11,PG.469.

  15. Eliza Ann Van Meter m. Jack or Josh Caruthers, 12-19-1848.

  16. Malinda Van Meter m. Ervin Reamy, 12-2-1841. 

  17. William Van Meter m. Elizabeth Walters, 7-11-1847. 

  18. John Vanmeter m. Matilda Jane Bell, 10-9-1844. 


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