Marriage - Bartholomew Co., Indiana

  1. Martin Van Meter m. Rachael S Miller, 24 Mar 1917.

  2. Elizabeth B Vanmeter, m. Amos P Durbin, 26 Jan 1860. BK.C-16, PG.418.

  3. George W Vanmeter, m. Hattie Lewis, 09 Mar 1893. BK.C-13, PG.246.
    Julius J Vanmeter, m. Amanda K Pence, 07 Aug 1851. BK.C-5, PG.89.

  4. Mary Vanmeter, m. Pleasant Pruitt, 03 Dec 1863. BK.C-7, PG.147.

  5. Washington Vanmeter, m. Rebecca Mintor, 19 Mar 1884. BK.C-11, PG.377.

  6. Jacob R.. Vanmeter m. Mary Ann Houser, 8-13-1844. 

  7. Joseph H. Vanmeter m. Jemima Nelson, 5-3-1832. 

  8. Joseph H. Vanmeter m. Elizabeth Treadway, 4-21-1836.

  9. Joseph H. Vanmeter m. Sarah Thompson, 9-27-1849. 

  10. Susan Vanmeter m. Edgar H. Haycraft, 12-7-1848. 


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