Marriage Records - Jasper County, Illinois

  1. James N. Vanmeter m. Nancy Burford, 05/11/1863 BK-3/PG191

  2. Miles Vanmeter m. Nancy Philips, 11/21/1842 BK-1/PG63

  3. Richard B. Vanmeter m. Amanda C. Cline, 07/25/1858 BK-3/PG21

  4. Elizabeth (Mrs.) Vanmeter m. George Turner, 06/12/1862 BK-3/PG163

  5. Hannah Vanmeter m. Jesse M. Corder, 03/30/1864 BK-3/PG234

  6. Nancy (Mrs.) Vanmeter m. George Forsman, 04/01/1871 BK-B/PG285

  7. Sarah Jane Vanmeter m. Jackson Cox, 04/01/1858 BK-3/PG9


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