Marriage Records - Greene County, Illinois

  1. Andrew J. Vanmeter m. Mary A. Buffalo, 03/09/1864 BK-1/PG168

  2. George Edward Vanmeter m. Tempie Coonrod, 11/02/1899 BK-0-/PG37

  3. James Vanmeter m. Parthena Watt, 01/28/1876 BK-F/PG56

  4. Joseph Vanmeter m. Peggy Taylor, 06/02/1822 BK-1/PG01

  5. Joseph B. Vanmeter m. Mary Webb, 06/07/1840 BK-1/PG53

  6. Samuel T. Vanmeter m. Rosa M. Morris, 09/18/1895 BK-0/PG37

  7. Simon P. Vanmeter m. Mary Ann Abbott, 03/23/1871 BK-F/PG08

  8. William Vanmeter m. Lucinda Berthlett, 08/12/1860 BK-1/PG146

  9. William G Vanmeter m. Elizabeth A. Hardcastle, 10/14/1858 BK-1/PG137

  10. William G. Vanmeter m. Mary N. Kinney, 11/16/1874 BK-F/PG42

  11. William J. Vanmeter m. Victoria McCall, 07/27/1898 BK-0/PG37

  12. William J. Vanmeter m. Mary E. Chastine, 12/04/1874 BK-F/PG44

  13. Charles R. Vanmetre m. Mahala Taylor, 02/10/1851 BK-1/PG98

  14. Isaac Vanmetre m. Martha Taylor, 02/06/1851 BK-1/PG97

  15. John Vanmetre m. Nancy Jane Gough, 09/11/1854 BK-1/PG115

  16. William Vanmetre m. Louisa Jane Lusk, 09/27/1842 BK-1/PG62

  17. Achsah Vanmeter m. William S. Gillespie, 08/15/1830 BK-1/PG14

  18. Alice R. Vanmeter m. Merritt Hudson, 01/18/1877 BK-F/PG66

  19. Catherine Vanmeter m. Thomas Taylor, 11/28/1822 BK-1/PG2

  20. Clara A. Vanmeter m. Albert W. McCall, 03/18/1883 BK-F/PG124

  21. Ettie L. Vanmeter m. Chester J. Ferris, 05/25/1881 BK-F/PG106

  22. Lucy Vanmeter m. John H. Plogger, 03/20/1892 BK-0/PG28

  23. Lulu M. Vanmeter m. John W. Peters, 02/05/1878 BK-F/PG74

  24. Mahala Vanmeter m. John Stiles, 12/06/1860 BK-1/PG148

  25. Margaret Vanmeter m. Roscow Boyster, 11/11/1830 BK-1/PG15

  26. Matilda Vanmeter m. James M. Grizzle, 02/02/1859 BK-1/PG139

  27. Osie L. Vanmeter m. Edward Berry, 06/25/1882 BK-F/PG116

  28. Stella Florence Vanmeter m. George Deaton, 02/02/1899 BK-O/PG10

  29. Susan E. Vanmeter m. William H .H. Witt, 02/14/1869 BK-E/PG317

  30. Virginia A. Vanmeter m. Andrew J. Carroll, 03/22/1872 BK-F/PG20

  31. Winney Ann Vanmeter m. John C. Carrico, 11/14/1839 BK-1/PG51

  32. Winnie A. Vanmeter m. Albert D. Seago, 06/11/1893 BK-0/PG32

  33. Elizabeth Vanmetre m. James D. Bain, 10/16/1856 BK-1/PG126


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