George S. Van Meter Letter

From George's notes dated September 14, 1905, he writes to a H. Wallace in
Philadelphia:  "The following names of Henry Van Meter's sons:  William,
Abraham, Jacob, David, Isaac, Henry, Solomon, and John.  There was but one
daughter.  She was named Rebecca.

     Henry Van Meter was my Gr. Grandfather.  He and two brothers came to the South
Branch Valley from New Jersey.  This is the account given to me by my father.
He said "possibly I could be mistaken and Henry VanMeter's father came to the
Branch from New Jersey".

     These sons (of Henry) left in early manhood and settled in different parts of
the West, one going to Texas and one to Kentucky.  My grandfather was the
youngest son, named Jesse, named after an uncle on his mother's side, while all
of the other children were named after the VanMeter's.

     The names John, David Isaac, Jacob, Solomon, Abraham and Henry are still
retained by his descendants, and the favorite names on the female side are
Rebecca and Sarah. 

     My fathers name was Philip Harrison:  his brother's names were John, David, and
Henry.  I do not remember all of his sister's names.  Two of them were Sarah
and Catherine.  I think that one died quite young named Rebecca.  My father's
brothers are all dead.  Henry died a few years ago near Petersburg;  John died
earlier; and David was killed in a battle during the Civil War on the
Confederate side.  I, myself, was in the Federal Army in the 2nd Army Corps.  I
was in the battle of Gettysburg and was wounded seven times during the War.

     My mother's name was Porter.  Her mother was the daughter of Dr. George Lucas
of Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, but long since dead.  Dr. Lucas served in the
War of the Revolution, and was with General Warren at Bunker's Hill..  My
grandfather's name was John W. Porter.

     My father would be 80 years old if living.   He was the eldest of Grandfather
VanMeter's children.

     They say that grandfather was 25 when my father was born, then to get back to
Henry Van Meter, we must count that my grandfather was the youngest of his
generation, so that Henry VanMeter must have been born sometime near 1760.  I
am informed that one record is in Pendleton County."

George S. VanMeter

Contributed by Steve Hunt

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