Abraham Van Metre 500 Acre Tract

By virtue of a Warrant from the __________ Office Dated the 21st of September 1754 granted to Abraham Van Meter of Fredrick for Five Hundred Acres of described Land, where Joseph ______ from formerly ________ where the said Vanmeter has ground Cleared of a log House, near Opequon being part of Hites Grant --- Surveyed as Followeth -----

Beginning at A __ a Red Oak white Oak and Spanish Oak in the line of William Williams ____ Survey on a Hillside thence N 85 E one Hundred and sixty Poles to a ______ Stones and Locust Post at B __ thence N 38 E two Hundred and three Poles to a Hickory Bush Standing one pole to the South East of two Hickory Saplings at C __ thence S 52 E one Hundred and Seventy Poles to two Red Oak and Locust in John Lemmons Line at D __ thence with his line S 19 W thirty six Poles to a locust on a Known corner to the said Lemmon and John Wright at E __ thence with Wrights lines S 68 W one Hundred and thirty one Poles to a dead Hickory at F __ thence S 38 W three Hundred and thirty four Poles to a Red Oak and Hickory corner to the said Wright at G __ thence leaving his lines and Running West Sixty eight Poles to a Red Oak and Hickory Bush and Large White Oak in the line of John Strode at H __ thence with his lines N 10 W one Hundred and forty four Poles to a Hickory and Red Oak Saplin corner to the said Strode and William Williams at I __ thence with Williams line N 5 E one hundred and thirty eight Poles to the beginning, Containing 500 acres.

Survey by: John Boyles


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