Van Meter State Park Cemetery

  • Abel James and Anna Marie (Pittman) Vanmeter.  They were married December 10, 1885.  He was born September 11, 1834 and died July 12, 1920.  She was born July 7, 1863 and died December 21, 1944. Headstone.

  • Christina A. (Nye) Vanmeter, Abel Vanmeter's first wife.  They were married 1874.  She was born October 17, 1846 and died April 3, 1883.

  • Abraham and Elizabeth (Parsons) Vanmeter.  Parents of Abel Vanmeter. He was born June 1785 and died on August 25, 1866.  She was born April 17, 1800 and died April 1, 1863. Headstone

  • David Vanmeter, oldest son of Abraham and Elizabeth Vanmeter.  He was born June 23, 1817 and died April 21, 1884. Headstone

  • George A. Vanmeter, son of David.  He was born March 13, 1876 and died March 20, 1877.

  • Rebecca A. Vanmeter Prosser, daughter of Abraham and Elizabeth.  She was born August 4, 1825 and died February 19, 1881. Wife of Joseph Prosser.

  • Joseph D. Prosser.  Born December 24, 1813 and died July 14, 1867.

  • John W. Prosser, son of Joseph and Rebecca.  He was born January 7, 1873 and died July 28, 1885.

  • Rebecca J. Prosser, daughter of Joseph and Rebecca.  She was born November 11, 1852 and died July 28, 1855.

  • J.W.H. Prosser.  Born August 7, 1856 and died April 5, 1916.

Many of the stones were broken off at the ground by vandals, these are in storage at the park.


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