James D. Van Meter

JAMES D VAN METER is one of the oldest living pioneers of Allen County. He and his father's family came to Allen from Richland County, in the year 1833. When James arrived here he had only "three shillings" in money to begin with. They were obliged to carry corn on their backs to a handmill, near Lima, and grind it themselves. In those days taxes were sometimes paid with coon-skins, and the flesh of wild turkeys and deer was their only meat. James was born in Brook County, Virginia, September 9, 1804. His parents, Isaac and Susannah, had nine children--James D., John, Hugh, Elizabeth, Adam, Elzy, Sarah, Isaac, and Nancy. He married Maria Shriver, who was born in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, February 25, 1812. They have nine children--Susannah, Mary, Nancy A., John, Rachel A., Samantha, Louisa E., George S., and Elizabeth. Mrs. Van M.'s parents, George and Mary Shriver, have six children--Nathaniel, Nancy, John, Mathias, Polly and Maria. Mrs. Van Meter's half-brothers and sisters are, David, Philip, Rachel and Sarah A.

1875 Historical Atlas of Allen County, Ohio by H H Hardesty & Co. Publishers, Chicago.


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