Isaac Van Meter and Rebecca Cunningham Family Bible Records

Isaac VanMeter and Rebecca Cunningham VanMeter Family Bible
Transcribed from the original by Laurance B. VanMeter, 24 April 2004
Bible in possession of Elizabeth Cordelia Woodford Lankford, Paris, Kentucky:

Rebecca Vanmeters Book
Rebound in 1845

This Bible is the property of Isaac Vanmeter
purchased by his father of John Hopewell in Moorfield [sic] Hardy Countyy Virginia October 1817

Devised finally to J M Vanmeter and His heirs for ever

Jacob Vanmeter son of Garret ” [Vanmeter] and Tabitha his wife Daughter of Joseph Inskeep was join [sic] together in marriage by the Rev’d Jos. Jennings in Hardy County Virginia Fort Pleasant Old Fields January the 1st day 1791

Isaac Vanmeter son of Jacob Vanmeter and Rebecca his Wife Daughter of Isaac Cunningham was [sic] joined together in marriage by the Rev’d Wm. W. Martin in Clark County Kentucky June the 11th 1817

Sarah Ann VanMeter was married to Dr. John Hall July 25 1843
Susan T. Vanmeter married April 15th 1846 to Dr. A. S. Allan
Jacob Vanmeter was married Oct. 20th 1846 to Florida Miles and was buried 3 years from that day Oct. 20th 1849

Jacob Van Meter’s Family Record
Jacob VanMeter son of Garret and Ann his Wife was born in Fort Pleasant Hampshire County Virginia the 19th day of May Anno. 1764.
Tabitha VanMeter Daughter of Jos. Inskeep and Hannah his Wife was born in the County & State aforesaid on the 11th day of March Anno, 1767.
Hannah VanMeter their 1st daughter was born in Hardy County* [*fn Hardy County is taken from Hampshire] Fort Pleasant Old Fields the 8th day of November 1791.
Anna VanMeter their 2d daughter was born in ….. the 1st day of April 1793.
Isaac Van Meter their 1st son was born …. on the 24th day of Sept Anno. 1794.
Solomon Van Meter their 2d son was born …. on the 3d day of April Anno. 1796
Rebekah VanMeter their 3d daughter disceast*[sic] was born … on 7th day of Oct. Anno 1797.
Rebekah VanMeter their 4th was born . . . on the 2nd day of May Anno 1799.
Joseph Inskeep VanMeter their 3d son disceast* [sic] was born . . on 28th day of may Anno 1802.
Benjamin Franklin VanMeter their 4th son disceast* [sic] was born on the 11th day of January Anno. 1803.
Abraham VanMeter their 5th son was born . . on the 24th day of September Anno 1804
Garret VanMeter their 6th son was born . . . on the 20th day of April Anno. 1806
Susanna Vanmeter their 5th daughter was born . . . on the 12th day of Dec. 1807
Sarah Inskeep VanMeter their 6th daughter was born on the 26th day of September Anno 1810
Anna Van Meter 2nd daughter died Oct 1892 age near 99 yrs & 5 mos
*Rebekah their 3d daughter died 2nd May 1798
*Joseph Inskeep their 3d son died January Anno 1805
*Benjamin Franklin their 4th son died January Anno 1805

Isaac Vanmeter’s Family Record
Isaac Vanmeter son of Jacob and Tabitha VanMr was born in Hardy County Virginia on the 24th of September anno. 1794.
Rebecca Vanmeter daughter of Isaac and Sally Cunningham was born in the County and State aforesaid on the 14th of Oct’r Anno. 1800.
Solomon Vanmeter their 1st son was born the 10th day of July Anno. 1818
Isaac Cunningham Vanmeter their 2nd son was born on the 8th day of Oct’r 1820
Jacob Vanmeter their 3rd son was born the 10th day of Feb’y 1822
The 4th a daughter born the 23rd day of Oct’r 1823 and died the 28th Oct’r 1823
Sarah Ann Vanmeter the 2nd daughter was born the 26th of Oct’r 1825
Susan Tabitha Vanmeter their 3d daughter was born the 1st day of August in the year of our Lord 1827
Rebecca Hannah Vanmeter the 4th daughter was born the 27th day of Jan’y 1829. She died +
Amanda Ellen Vanmeter the 5th daughter was born the 25th day Oct’r 1830. Died 26th day August 1831 Aged 10 months & one day only sick 3 days. A trial indeed.
William Cunningham Vanmeter their 4th son was born the 16th June 1832
Benjamin Franklin Vanmeter their 5th son was born the 30th Jan’y 1834
Thos C. Vanmeter their 6th son was born the 29th Oct’r 1835
Eliza Caroline VanMeter their 6th daughter was born the 13th Sepr 1837
Abraham Vanmeter their 7th son was born on the 20th of May 1839
Louis Marshal Vanmeter their 8th son was born the 8th of Feb. 1841
John Milton Vanmeter their 9th son was born the 21st of June 1842

Isaac Vanmeter died Oct. 8th 1854 just past 60 years old
Benjamin’s baby born 25 Nov. 1855
Eliza Caroline died October the 25th 1841
Sarah Ann died 21st June 1844 – 18 yrs 8 months 25 days old
William Cunningham died July 4th 1844 – 12 yrs old
Isaac Cunningham died Nov. 7th 1842—age 64
Sarah Cunningham died April 12th 1845 in her 62
Rebecca Hannah Vanmeter departed Feb. 5th 1847 – 18 years & 9 days old
Jacob Vanmeter died October the 19th 1849 in the 28 year of his age
Abram Inskeep died 9th January 1851 70 odd year old
Isaac C. VanMeter died 14th April 1898 in 77 yrs & 6 months old
Rebecca VanMeter died 20th Feb. 1864 age 63 & 4 months

Submitted by: Laurance B. VanMeter

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