Hampshire County

Garret Van Meter m. 4/3/1757 Ann.
Isaac Van Meter 12/10/1757 - David Van Meter 7/24/1762
Henry Van Meter 10/20/1759 Jacob Van Meter 5/19/1764
Henry Van Meter 5/9/1761 Abraham Van Meter 1/22/1766 Ann Van Meter 4/15/1768
Jacob Van Meter b. Ft. Pleasant, Hampshire Co., Va. 5/19/1764-8.
9/1/1829 m. Tabitha Inskeep b. Hampshire Co. 3/11/1767, dau. of Joseph and Hannah
Inskeep, d. 9/27/1851
BIRTHS of THEIR CHILDREN: Hannah Van Meter 1114]1791
Anne Van Meter 4/1/1793
Isaac Van Meter 9/24/1794
Solomon Van Meter 4/3/1796-1/3/1818
Rebeckah Van Meter 10/7/1797-5/2/1798
Rebeckah Van Meter 5/2/1799
Joseph Inskeep Van Meter 5/28/1802-1/7/1805
Benjamin Franklin Van Meter 1/11/1803-1/1805
Abraham Van Meter 9/24/1804
Garret Van Meter 4/20/1806
Susanna Van Meter 12/12/1807
Sarah Inskeep Meter 9/26/1810
Joseph Inskeep b. 5/10/1733, wife, Hannah b. 10/15/1737
William Inskeep 2/1111759 Tabitha Inskeep 3/11/1767
Mary Inskeep 7/25/1761 Hannah Inskeep 4/10/1769 Elizabeth Inskeep 2/3/1763
Joseph Inskeep 5/10/1771 Amelia Inskeep 2/25/1765

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